Camping Season 2016 - OPEN May 6th!

NOTE that the picture above depicts scenery from Taylor Head Park which is only 1.5km away from our campground. You can't camp there but you can camp here!

We have seasonal sites available, spacious 30A serviced sites in a clean & well groomed campground.

Start planning your vacation with us, or a rest for a night or two; we trust that your visit will be an enjoyable and memorable one. Hope you enjoy our hospitality and services while you explore the dynamic culture, history and sights of the area. Let us help you explore our Shore and, by night; enjoy the calm atmosphere by a camp fire!

Our little corner of paradise!

Have a bird's eye view of our lovely campground in that short video.

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We're only an hour away from most city centers, on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Whether you take a day trip or stay for a few nights; we'll be happy to make your time here a comfortable experience!

Seasonal Sites for 2016

We still have Seasonal sites for 2016 ...

Whether you’re looking for different sceneries, a peaceful & quiet atmosphere or tired of being piled in as sardines; Spry Bay Campground has beautiful spacious Seasonal Sites available in 2016. 

Taylor Head Park - FREE Planned Activities

About the trails:
The hiking trails of Taylor Head can be a challenge. They are not groomed trails and require stepping over roots, walking up and down steps of rock and through wet areas. You need sturdy foot wear such as sneakers, hiking sneakers or hiking boots, water to drink and a snack on most hikes. The Friends of Taylor Head are offering two activities this year that do not require a lot of walking, the Bird Songs Walk and Low Impact Birders Field Trip. If you have questions about the conditions of the trails, just give us a call first. We have graded our hiking trails as easy for beginners, moderate for hikes under 3 kilometers, and difficult for hikes over 3 kilometers such as the Headland Trail.

The members of our group who are volunteering their time have a variety of interests and knowledge about the park. They all share one common trait and that is a love for Taylor Head Provincial Park.

Come and join us where the Atlantic Ocean meets the rocky shore of Nova Scotia.

All our activities are FREE! Read more for the details...

Come stay with us - even in winter!

Don't let winter stop you! We can receive you any time of the year; just be the envy of all adventurers as did the brave souls from Halifax Outdoor Adventures who've decided to embrace this beautiful, sunny February day to enjoy a night of winter camping.
It goes to show that if you truly enjoy camping; winter is not an obstacle but rather a great opportunity.
It was a real pleasure to have you and hopefully this will become a regular event!

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Delights of the Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore is rich in attractions, outdoor activities, museums & beaches. While staying with us you can easily travel to nearby attractions: